One of the more interesting things that has happened since we have gotten increasing access to information is that there are also increasing numbers of people who are rejecting a heavy reliance on technology. Though there are many people who wish to escape all of current society's state of dependency on various technological devices and systems, this is not always the reason. In fact, there are many people who wish to live off of the grid simply because they love being in nature, and have a strong interest in being able to live as independently and self-sufficiently as possible. A lot of people have indeed been able to fashion for themselves fairly sustainable lifestyles by acquiring some amount of land and implementing certain modern homesteading methods.


Homesteading, similar to the days when the country was first being formed, is the process by which you live mostly off of your own land and property in as much of a self-sufficient manner as possible. Whether it is vegetables or meat, most of the food that you eat when homesteading is usually grown and raised yourself on your own land. Also, many people will produce their own clothes, as well as make some of their own furniture. Some people will even be willing to go so far as to build their own living space all on their own, from the ground up.


Although many people seeking a homesteading lifestyle are seeking refuge from technology and modern-day stresses, much of what they have learned in order to live effectively in nature they have learned through various online resources. With the internet access we now have, we can learn how to do so many things, from building your own garden and growing your own food, to even building your own home and creating your own hydroponic lettuce system. In the pursuit of learning all that is necessary to really live off the grid, people will spend an incredible amount of time not only on online information sites, but also in actual libraries, as well.


Because homesteading often requires such a big change in lifestyles, there is very often a great deal of discipline and mental strength required to even just go through the initial learning process. To gain more knowledge about Homesteading, go to


While there is often a strong want to do as many things or make as much as you can totally by yourself, you should still be willing to take advantage of the current technologies and resources we now have. When building your own water filtration system or self-contained energy grid, you can make good use out of modern tools, like various types of solar technologies. There are even modern technologies and designs based on ancient models that will allow you to have a homestead with its own complete ecosystem.




Just because we now have incredible technological devices does not mean we have to live in a manner that is far from or oppositional to nature. On the other hand, even when living a self-sufficient, homesteading lifestyle, we can still make good use out of some innovative, modern technologies. Learn about the best livestock guardian dogs here!